Digital display


Digital display

Galvasteel supplies INDOOR & OUTDOOR LED or LCD Displays. All the displays are equipped with monitoring systems and/or smart remote management. The company maintains very closed partnerships with the manufacturers of LED AND LCD modules in order to provide the best state of the art products.

In the digital display market, Galvasteel is the only European manufacturer who designs and manufactures all the mechanical components, from the galvanized structure of the panel to the integration of the screen. A 100% French production, the factory is equipped to meet the most specific demands and specifications.

OPEN technology has been recognized and supported by the Nouvelle Aquitaine region as an innovative company. Galvasteel keeps on investing in R&D to meet customer’s needs and expectations. The company is today a strong player within DOOH-industry in the billboard advertising market.


Galvasteel builds up strong collaboration with all partners & suppliers in order to offer best existing Digital products and solutions to its clients.


Full monitoring and remote control of the displays


Most of our customers have chosen OPEN solutions because of its high reliability but also because of its perfectly optimized remote maintenance system.


  • In just a few clicks you can control and manage your panel park remotely. You can check and modify the parameters of your panels from a software program, which save time and money by avoiding a lot of travel for service and minor operations.

  • For all your panels, whether scrolling or digital, you use the same platform and you have unlimited access to all their information and parameters.

  • Galvasteel confirms its dynamism and develops its skills. OPEN solutions are developed in company thanks to our Research & Development Service of experienced engineers. The company controls and insures quality throughout the manufacturing process, controls lead time of production and provides after-sales service.