Scrolling display


Scrolling display

Designed and manufactured in our factory, the scrolling panels are equipped with OPEN technology. There are some standard formats (2m², 4m² and 8m²) and the possibility of manufacturing customized formats.
The OPEN technology allows Galvasteel to integrate its own monitored scrolling system solution and enables high reactivity for customized solutions.



Full monitoring and remote control of the scrollers per customer


Smart sensor free scrolling system: Our OPEN smart technology works without any sensor or stickers on the poster. This technology avoids a lot of breakdowns that occur frequently on other scrolling systems.


The motors are integrated directly into the rolls.


  • In just a few clicks you can control and manage your panel park remotely. You can check and modify the parameters of your panels (whether scrolling or digital) from a software program, which avoid a lot of travel for maintenance.

  • The low power consumption of OPEN scrolling systems makes it possible to provide optional battery power supplies for connection to street lighting grid.

  • Up to 80% of poster stops on scrolling panels are due to problems with sensors. Thanks to OPEN technology, Galvasteel designs its panels with sensor free system, which drastically reduces these risks of stops and breakdowns.

  • The motor is integrated directly into the rolls. It reduces the risk of breakdown.


Galvasteel manufactures scrolling kits adapted to panels and street furniture designed by other manufacturers in all formats (from 1 to 12m²). This renovation solution is adapted to existing panel parks in France or abroad, it can be partial or complete.