Galvasteel has set up unique remote maintenance services for the management of your panels.

The reporting center

This consists in an online tool that allows you to access information on the general condition of your displays network. Through its convenient user interface, you can view error reports of all units installed and connected to the server. It helps you to know the status of your display and to follow their evolution.
The Reporting Center provides you with useful information on how to get the most out of your scrollers and guaranties the best working rate.

– Quick overview of the status of your fleet
– View fault history on a panel
– Configure Reports for status and follow-up
– Create status reports by group of panels (by city, region, cluster,…)
– See the operating statistics of your panels by group
– Check the operating rate of a panel or group of panels.

The control software

The Control Software is a flexible and efficient software solution to install on your computer. It allows you to “communicate” with your scrollers via a direct connection (USB) or the Internet. The interface offers you different parameters :

– Remotely set-up all the parameters of your scrolling menu
– Program independently lighting or scrolling according to sunrise and sunset times or specific time slots
– Configure the intensity of the led backlighting
– Change the exposure time per poster during specific time slots
– Configure remote management (sms, reporting center)
– Check all environmental parameters (Temperature, voltage, GSM,…) Check the detected errors (open door, motors, voltage, poster lengths,…)